What’s a birdie or bogey? Can I improve my chilli-dip? Which club should I be using and when? To those who know very little or are just starting to play, golf can seem like a daunting sport. Lots of rules, too many clubs, mysterious words and phrases which could deter the most enthusiastic amateur player.

Sometimes also players who have played for quite a time are completely lost, we’re here to help guide you through from being a novice to offering you advice and tips from our experts on improving your game. Our online videos, blogs and articles cover a whole gamut of golf topics from how to how to achieve the ideal grip, to showing you in our videos exactly how golf greats like Tiger Woods have perfected their swing. And you can join our online community to get tips and advice from other golfers and find out which video lessons will really help you to improve your game.

Once you’re all set and ready for the course, you can stock up with all the latest golfing essentials from our online shop.

We also provide direct coaching through our sister company the CambridgeTouringAcademy. ( CTGA)

                Our coaching teams provide golf tuition for all levels and turn key solutions to private clubs, academy and resorts for all related matters.
We also specialise in advanced tuition and further instruction to golf professionals who wish to qualify for higher grades in their profession.
All our staff have been tournament players and members of one of the major tours, and hold an EGTF master Teaching Diploma or Class A